Angelo Talebi

Beverly Hills Financial Planners, LLC (BHFP) is headed by Mr. Angelo Talebi. He is a renowned Investment Advisor Representative in the State of California

Angelo Talebi is in the business of helping his clients meet all their financial challenges. Angelo Talebi does this by using a total wealth management approach. Each area is important individually, but managing them all collectively is one of the most important considerations in his client’s overall financial independence. Angelo Talebi’s goal is to help his clients invest conservatively, reduce exposure to taxes, and meet their insurance needs while providing a plan to successfully transfer his clients’ wealth to their children and grandchildren. Angelo Talebi’s background in behavioral finance allows him to tailor the needs of the client with their individual goals to build their net worth. A technique called TIE, Tax, Investment , and Estate Planning.



  1. Mr. Talebi, I am interested to get some information regarding an account with 5-year duration and pays monthly payment as well as interest on principal. Please let me know about this account.

  2. Ba dorood faravan be shoma aghaye a.talebi aziz besiar moftakhar hastam ke ensan bozorgi choon shoma dar keshvari mesleh”usa” moojebe ghoroore mellate bozorg va ba sabegheye tamaddon bish az 11000 sal va ba dirinegieh tamaddon mehr 100000 sal ke sabt bar faraze gholleye alborz mibashim.

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